Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What Are You Doing For Your Valentine?

Hey guys . . .it is time to stop fretting over what to give the light of your life this Valentine’s Day.  HA! . . . for most of you Valentine’s Day has even crossed your mind yet . . . . but sooner or later it will. By the way, sooner is always better than later. When it does, it is OK to admit it, you'll struggle with "What should I do?"

The choices are simple. You can do the same old thing that every other Tom, Dick and Harry will do and get her some last minute flowers and/or candy . . . throw in a last minute card and, then think to yourself, "I'm good to go." 

Like that's your sweetheart wants . . . something exotic from Walgreens or CVS.
Come on man . . . you're better than that and so is she! Think out of the box.

Why not do something out of the ordinary. Show up with a box of chocolates if you must, but make sure that when she opens the box it has a card that says your going to spend time together, just the two of you, in some all-inclusive resort in Jamaica.

Go ahead, do the flower thing but make sure there's a note attached  with a picture of Captain Stubbing that says, "Welcome Aboard the Love Boat". . . "We set sail on December 7th on a 7-Night cruise aboard the EmeraldPrincess."  (My personal choice this year).

Too rich for you budget, well there are a hundred other things you can do. If you live in Texas as I do you can have a great couple of days together in Galveston, San Antonio, or some nearby bed and breakfast that will not break the bank.  Just be sure and make it special.

Thinking out of the box says not only that you love her but that you've given some thought to making the day special for her. Trust me guys, after 47 years living with the same sweet woman I know how important this is.
Can't make it happen for Valentine's Day then there is a birthday or anniversary down the road and with a little advance planning you can do it right. Advanced planning let's you stop worrying about what to do and start anticipating what your going to be doing. When we plan something ahead we usually do what we plan.
Oh, yea, Walgreens and CVS is good for the Card and Candy you can pick up the flowers at HEB or Market basket. When she discovers the "specially for you" trip she will not care where the flowers, candy, or card came from.
So, as Larry the Cable Guy says, "Get of you duff and 'get 'er done.'" Trust me, you'll be glad you did. 
By the way ladies, it's ok to drop a few hints and don't be too subtle. After all these are men were talking about.

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  1. Just yesterday booked a cruise as a Valentine surprise.